The Shady Times

A series of window shades carrying local information, and political art, from around the world, surrounding a vehicle.

These twelve 24” x 36” coated paper panels would carry a wide variety of art and text that would be of special importance to those along this vehicle’s regular route. They would be deployed whenever the vehicle pauses on its path and lingers for a time at one of its regular locations. There are times when they would all be wound up, out of the way, and the vehicle rendered completely open to the outside. They might also serve, at times, to provide privacy to the passengers, when that is desired.

What is displayed would include HEADLINES, displaying important public information regarding local events and happenings. Other surfaces would be provided to the public, to send messages to one another, display local art, ideas, poetry, and opinion. A guide to various available resources and needed services would be given a permanent home, while another material is regularly updated. Interested residents would be invited to serve as “guest editors” and this exposure to the public will be considered to be a benefit by many local creative people, who live to be heard, read, and seen. Political art, from everywhere would be on display, along with links to the source material.

Shades would be two-sided to enable a maximum of material to be on display. In order to enable local travel to be free (with tips allowed and encouraged), a variety of income-earning means would be employed and some advertising would be displayed, perhaps only for local businesses that are in the path of the regular route. Private rides and various kinds of tours would provide a healthy portion of the income from operating the vehicle. An onboard printer could duplicate panels on archival paper, to expand its reach and generate a profit. Solar panels can help keep batteries charged.

The content of these shades, changing weekly, would be captured digitally and transferred to a fully-accessible website also, so this can be a way for local residents to communicate with their neighbors and others. While part of this activity will be of a commercial nature, the intention of this version of the Shady Times is to focus on creative expression and pertinent information. A sound system will be part of this presentation and will unobtrusively play fragments of music and poetry that have been provided by local residents along the route. It will be possible for listeners to identify and connect to performers if they wish since a playlist will be displayed.

Since survival is our prime drive and need, substantial space will be reserved for messages which are related to urgent matters regarding health or other immediate needs. What a newspaper would look like if it was put together by its readers, with emphasis put on those matters which truly affect their lives is a goal here. Emphasizing localism and the availability of a full variety of services from your neighbors is another. If there is a way to incorporate a system for providing water in recyclable containers or to re-purpose these objects for any other socially-positive purposes, as this activity progresses, they would need to be considered.

These are the opposite of autonomous vehicles and require a person to operate. Furthermore, it must be a person who has a substantial degree of understanding of his role and surroundings and the tools to help others make the best use of this opportunity. They must also be a good driver too, with the temperament needed to be in command of this somewhat complex machinery. You are also a publisher here, have to collect and transmit information, host an exhibition, and aid people in their enjoyment of these resources. This can be a career, a way to do something worthwhile at the same time as making a good living, or it can be a stepping stone to other possibilities while learning about a community and becoming an integral part of it.

Volume #1 Issue #1

24 Pages

24” x 36”



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