steve stollman

Gallery Exhibit at 704 Columbia Street

Who remembers the bicycle shop around Houston and Mulberry Streets in downtown New York?steve stollman

Steven Stollman, pictured above, used to own and run that bicycle shop by the Puck Building from 1974-2010. He has owned 704 Columbia Street (former home of WGXC radio) on 7th Street Park for the past ten years. Steven just sold the building, and for the next two weeks, until October 9th, he is opening up the ground floor for visitors to his art gallery.

The show is a combination of two shows, Going Nowhere Fast and The Mulberry Street GangGoing Nowhere Fast, initially shown in 1991 at the Municipal Arts Society in Manhattan, focuses on the need for human and solar-powered transportation. Thirty years later, Steven notes that not much has changed in transportation options, “We really have gone nowhere fast.”