The New York Bicycle World’s Fair

A decade ago, I was the operator of the Boat and Bike rental concession in Flushing Meadows Park, the site of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. I proposed then that an anniversary celebration of these events be held, but with a different architecture. Instead of large, expensive, and temporary pavilions, sponsored by the biggest […]

The Half

A hybrid Human/Solar/Battery/Electric-Powered, NYC-legal pedicab (and potential cargo-carrying) vehicle. Ten feet long, four feet wide, and six-foot-tall. For cargo, it is wider than the current NYS 36” standard, but proposals are currently being made, to expand this to 55”. It can be partially or completely open to the weather or totally enclosed. Its low platform […]

The Other Half

The OH A Trike. 3’ x 6’ x 6’ tall. It can be wide open to the air or fully enclosed in a folding polycarbonate shell. It may carry one, two, or three people. One drive wheel is an anchored-in-place, pedal-able unicycle, the two others are hub-motor equipped, electric-powered wheels. The vehicle can travel, facing […]

The most accessible vehicle

The most accessible vehicle ever. The Next-Breaking Wave-Form This is a series of vehicle designs for Pedicabs that can carry three passengers, the legal limit, as well as people in wheelchairs and cargo. Also shown is a number of configurations of weather-protected tricycles, operated by both arm and leg power and equipped with small electric-assist […]

The Max

Built to the size permitted by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs 55” x 120”. (Coincidentally, perhaps ironically, these numbers are the speed limits on most NYS roads and the claimed maximum speed of most large motorcars.) In actuality, this vehicle will not travel at more than 12 MPH, the speed of an ordinary bicycle. […]

The Four Wheeler

The simplest design possible with privacy windows as well as clear, (all of the models shown may enjoy this feature) as well as a stable four-wheel configuration, although current State law defines a bike as a two or three-wheeled vehicle. This is obviously an arbitrary distinction that prevents the design of the safest and most […]

The Cube

Minimal but very flexible Accessible from both sides when the vehicle is alongside the sidewalk and from the back as well. Equipped with ramps that are at the same level as the sidewalk. It is very easy to use. Seating and windows are folded away and deployed when needed. The operator is in his or […]

The Tube

One version allows the rider to determine his posture when moving, from standing straight up to sitting or leaning or even practically lying down. Since maximum visibility is needed to provide safety, conspicuous extensions are deployed above the vehicles, aided by LEDs, to make certain that trucks, vans, buses, and cars are able to be […]


By providing a common framework it is possible to provide for a number of these units to be arranged in tandem and alongside one another or both. Users may also choose to determine their posture when moving. Unlike Industrial Scale Vehicles, Human-Scaled vehicles can provide for a high degree of flexibility in their configuration and […]

Two Earlier Versions

In this case the padded seat easily folds up against the wall when space is needed for a wheelchair or cargo. While in motion, maybe left open to the air when desired or protected from the weather. Contact Steven Stollman: Email | Tel. 212 431 0600  

The testimony

The following is testimony was given by me at the hearing at DOT today, May 29th, regarding the new rules covering e-bikes: The flowering, here in its most natural and needed environment, of human-powered, with modest electric assistance, and human-scale transportation, is the best remedy for the damage inflicted by 100 years of control of […]